EduGorilla Releases a Massive Database of Schools

New Delhi, December 06, 2017: Students in India, while contemplating about their career often get easily influenced either by the decisions of their mates or by relying on the information from parents, elders, and seniors. Consequently, It often leads to selection of a mistaken career path. And perhaps the self-reproach resides in the student’s heart forever, as if one had committed a crime by choosing the wrong stream.

EduGorilla, an online website that provides free study material and full-time learning opportunities to students of all ages has come up with an innovative solution to this problem. Accessible free of cost to all students, it is in the process of completing the listing of 15 lakh schools in its database surpassing figures such as 30 thousand school listings formerly achieved by other notable educational platforms.

On this occasion Rohit Manglik, the Founder and CEO of EduGorilla said, ”We have compiled all the information, ranging from the number of students in a section to correct locations of different schools to the profile of individual teachers. Now, anybody can get access to all the information of schools such as their course content, teacher-student ratio and around 350 different parameters. These parameters place the students and parents on an informed platform to compare different schools and subsequently take a decision in tune with the student’s interest.”

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)

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