Schoolchildren showcase threat intelligence to cyber experts

City students cyber maturity impresses experts at two-day International Cyber Security Conference 2017

Experts brainstorm on impending GDPR

Hyderabad, December 18, 2017: Students of Hyderabad schools demonstrated a level comprehension of cyber space and the unfathomable risks underlying the valuable benefits it offers, impressing the global experts gathered at the International Cyber Security Conference 2017.

Twenty five top schools from the city vied to make a presentation of skills at the global meet on cyber security and on Friday teams from selected five schools got a dream opportunity to take the stage and address the experts.

Students from Oakridge School,Delhi Public School, Samasthi School and Chirec International School made impressive presentations on how to exploit the cyber space while dodging the known and unknown risks. The schoolchildren’s views on cyber hygiene, netiquette, knowledge of vulnerabilities ranging from cyber bullying to identity theft drew repeated rounds of applause from the distinguished audience.

“We were floored by the enthusiastic response from the schools and the students awareness levels on playing it safe in the cyber world. This is true to Hyderabad’s reputation as Cyberabad and we can rest assured that there would be an abundant supply of talent for the industry in the coming years,”said Prema Zilberman, General Manager of Kenes Exhibitions, organisers of the two day global conference.

Experts gathered at the event brainstormed on the impending Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to take effect on May 25, 2018. “It’s high time that Indian industry gets into top gear to be GDPR ready because the very continuity of business hinges on compliance to the new regulation, said Eli Zilberman Caspi of Konfidas, Israel. “The risk of losing business or suffering reputational damage are real in case of non-compliance. It is imperative that the industry adheres to the new norm if it wants to achieve the ambitious revenue targets set for year 2020, Zilberman added”.
Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)

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