Call for value-based education

New Delhi, January 09, 2018: The development of value-based education is the need of the hour, Seyyid Aliyyul Hashimi, senior adviser to the government of United Arab Emirates, has said.

He was here on Thursday to inaugurate the 40th anniversary celebrations of Jamia Markaz at Karanthur, Kundamagalam according to

Building a culture rooted in a value-based knowledge tradition and enriching it had been the need of our times. It was the duty of those who advocate humanistic causes to work in this direction, he said.

According to the reports published in scholars, jurists and intellectuals from 20 countries are participating in the four-day conference. The newly built block of Markaz Higher Secondary School for Boys was inaugurated by M.A. Yusuf Ali, chairman of LuLu Group of companies.

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