Anant National College Perceived by ET Now MODI Honors

Ahmedabad, February 22, 2018: Anant National College’s lead program, Anant Cooperation, was perceived for its imaginative instructional method and educational modules by ET Now at the 2018 Making Of Created India (MODI) Honors.

The MODI Honor for Perfection in Training, EduTech, LearnTech and B-Schools was gotten by Nidhi Goyal, Relate Senior member Outer Engagement, Anant National College, on seventeenth February 2018 at Taj Terrains End, Mumbai.

Anant Cooperation is a full-time post-graduate private program composed as a multi-disciplinary drenching to acquaint youthful professionals and understudies with new thoughts, information, and abilities to address, assess, develop, and reclassify the fabricated condition. This lead program of Anant National College expects to plan and engage solutionaries who configuration, construct, and save a more impartial and reasonable manufactured condition in India.

Anant Partnership is resolved to give a situation which supports inventive pioneers who join entrepreneurial abilities and a human-focused way to deal with create logical and fundamental answers for present and future issues in the energizing circles of engineering, arranging, outline and maintainability.

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