Gujarat Spending plan 2018: Govt allots Rs 506 crore for welfare of instructively and financially in reverse ranks

New Delhi, February 24, 2018: Having confronted unsettling from groups like the Patidars, the Gujarat government while introducing it’s first spending plan after the 2017 state get together decisions made an “extraordinary arrangement” of Rs 506 crore for the Gujarat Binanamat Instructive and Prudent Improvement Organization, that arrangements with the welfare of instructively and monetarily in reverse groups of the state.

“Gujarat Binanamat Instructive and Efficient Advancement Company has been built up with the end goal of far reaching welfare of instructively and monetarily in reverse groups of around 58 ranks falling under open classes in the state, eg. patidar, brahamins, Kshatriya, vanik, lohana, soni, khamar, maheshwari and others for which an exceptional arrangement of Rs 506 crore is made,” said vice president serve Nitin Patel in his spending discourse on Tuesday.

“An arrangement of Rs 1.28 crore has been made for the Binanamat Aayog,” Patel included. On September 27, 2017, the state government subsequent to meeting Patidar pioneers proclaimed to set up a Commission for the welfare of groups which did not get reservation and a legal commission headed by a resigned High Court judge to test the assertions of police barbarities on Patidars.

The administration has additionally made arrangements for Socially and Instructively In reverse Classes (SEBC) in the financial plan. This incorporates free cabin and boarding offices to 73000 understudies in 774 lodgings and 188 Ashram Shalas, free bikes to 1.6 lakh young ladies and advances for 320 understudies having a place with SEBC. The administration has likewise proposed to help 3300 couples having a place with SEBC under the Satfera Samuhlagna plot and give training to 2570 understudies to planning of preparatory examination of GUJCET, NEET, PMT, NLU and NIFT.

Budgetary arrangements have likewise been made for allowing pre-matric grants for 47.62 lakh understudies having a place with socially and instructively in reverse classes, financially weaker segments and minorities.

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