CBSE Board Exams 2018: Class 10 students need these marks to pass

New Delhi, March 06, 2018: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has published the official notification regarding the passing criteria for class 10 students of batch 2017-2018.


As per the official notice, “The current batch i.e. the batch of class 10 which is taking class 10 examination in 2018 with five main subjects (having 20 marks as internal assessment component as per scheme of studies) may be exempted from the mandatory separate pass criteria in the subjects having component of 20 marks internal assessment and board examination of 80 marks. They need to secure overall 33 per cent (both taken together) in the subject to be able to pass that subject.” “The class 10 candidates having additional subjects as sixth or seventh may also be exempted from mandatory separate pass criteria norms in the subjects provided the additional subjects comprises internal assessment of 20 marks and board examination of 80 marks,” the notification stated according to

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“In case of students under NSQF scheme, this rule about passing in the subjects will also apply for the five major subjects (two languages, and science, mathematics and social science). The provision of replacement of subjects extended to NSQF students for the failed subjects (out of three subjects i.e. science, mathematics and social science by the vocational subject passed by the candidate under NSQF would continue to apply. However, for the vocational subjects listed in the notification, there will be no exemption from the separate pass criteria as the internal assessment component of these subjects comprises 50 marks. In these subjects, mandatory separate pass criteria of securing 33 per cent both in internal as well as board examination shall apply.”

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“Mandatory separate passing criteria both in internal assessment and board examination will continue to apply for the subjects notified in the official notification except the language subjects since modalities for additional language subjects remain same as defined for language 1 and 2. In case of language offered as sixth additional subject, the separate mandatory passing criteria will not be applicable and the candidates need to secure overall 33 per cent (both taken together) to be able to pass in that language subject offered as additional sixth subject,” it concluded.

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