Here’s how to prepare for an interview at Google


New Delhi, April 17, 2018: Are you appearing for an interview at Google? If yes, then these tips may help you to get a job at the tech giant according to

1. Predict the future:

Jot down the questions that will come on your way!

2. Plan:

Plan your answers.

3. Have a backup plan:

If you want to become a googler, write three answers for the backup plan.

4. Explain:

Explain your thought process and how you make decisions when a problem occurs. Google not only evaluate your technical ability, but also see how you approach problems

5. Be data-driven:

According to Google, every question should be responded with the examples.
For instance: “How do you lead?” should be answered with “I’m a collaborative/decisive/whatever leader. Let me tell you about the time I.”

6. Clarify:

A candidate may find many questions open-ended.Google always looks for a candidate who talks through the thought process and if you need clarification at some point, you can ask freely.

7. Improve:

You can always refine your answers and explain the answer in a different way.

8. Practice:

Practice makes the man perfect! Just practice your answer so that you can deliver your answers effectively

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