7 things you need to start doing at work to unblock your career growth and positively impact your spirit

New Delhi, May 17, 2018: Someone wise once said — “Our work does not always define us, but how we choose to work, definitely does.” Having the perfect job and not being happy doing it, doesn’t make the job that perfect, does it? Similarly, sometimes we aren’t in the right job or even the right career.

Rather than just sitting up and quitting, how about trying to make the best or rather gold of the situation we are in?

Let’s just for now try looking at the glass half full rather than half empty and try filling the glass further with these seven tips to grow at work which can unblock your career by changing the way you behave and feel!

1. Time to create that Version 2.0 of yourself

Don’t forget to be alive, inspire yourself daily, workout, be healthy, meditate, take time-outs and truly start working on becoming happy with yourself according to reports published in indiatoday.in

Even if this means creating the 2.0 version of yourself, go ahead and create the ‘you’ that you actually like inside-out; that my friend, can many-a-times the real game changer at work too!

2. Bring the stakeholder in you to work every day

Organisations love people who align themselves with its values and ethos. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that if you work for a cola company, you start drinking a tonne of cola every day.

Start focusing on your company, its vision, and make them your own (at least at work) trust me when I say, a loyal and focused employee will always get noticed.

Come with a positive spirit to work; wear your work costume with pride and perform every day (or on most days) like an owner/ honest stakeholder of the company the career growth is then inevitable!

3. Believe in the power of the ‘human element’ at work

Always remember to invest in human relations; they go a long way. With human contact, comes sympathy, empathy, and so much more. A kind gesture has a rippling effect.

On the nay side, also recognise the ‘negative people’ and stay away from them, if not physically then at least psychologically (therein protecting yourself spiritually from them). In short, be polite, amiable and helpful but not a pushover, doormat or scapegoat.

And one more thing which someone once told me, (this has come true more times than I wish to count), is that when parting ways with a work colleague, always part on amicable terms (as far as possible).

This will help you sleep better at night and this habit also works as an insurance against you bumping into said person in the future — the world is shockingly small sometimes, isn’t it?

4. Don’t let your intellect rust: Keep updating yourself

Are you keeping yourself abreast of the industry trends and taking the time to educate yourself on the new research in your field of work? Remember that growth in your career goes hand-in-hand with your intellectual growth.

So never let your intellect rust, and study those winds — brush up on those market movements regular. After all, these are far easier to attain in these times of the internet, than it was a few decades ago!

5. Re-define your attitude and let go of those grudges

So worth it! Please try and let those grudges burn to dust — sadly even competition and comparison more often than not lands up dragging us down, and negating the spirit.

The win-win formula here should instead be:

Past mistakes = Lessons in the present + Getting smarter for the future according to  indiatoday.in
Competition * Healthy = Work on yourself + Get, Set, Go
Comparison * Positive = Learn what you liked + Get started on an improved version of ‘you’
6. Be proactive: Be a team player

If you aren’t a team player, the problems at work will never end!
Research shows that the best employee or work colleague is one that knows how to work in a team. This doesn’t mean you become an inconspicuous cog in the group, but instead, it refers to becoming a worthwhile contributing member who knows how to mesh with the team and add to it. Prove that there is strength in numbers!

Realising and behaving like a team can be the difference between you being someone-who-did-something-well-once and someone-who-consistently-performs-well!

Even in my field of wellness hospitality, I have seen that it takes a whole team to make-up for a mistake made by an individual, and guests will always return to the resort/organization for the team of people rather than that a person.

Don’t you think this also conveniently relieves that one person from having to shine 24*7 on his/her lonesome?

7. Feed your spirit

This is the main thing you need to do unblock your career growth and positively impact your spirit.
This is the divine solution to everything! Start manifesting (or bringing to reality in your mind) the career and life you want, plain and simple. Once you start believing you deserve the career you want, your spirit starts making this your own and lo and behold, you start making it happen!

The Secret and the Law of Attraction all the way! If needed, act the part you want — the believing and happening will follow.

In short, healthily align yourself with your job, and the career growth will have to follow. Make the glum worker in your blossom and the career acceleration will become inevitable.

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