Wondering What to do After 12th Class ; here are some pofessional Courses After 12th

New Delhi, June 12, 2018: A brand new academic year is all set to begin, and while the exam frenzy must have already begun, there is yet another question which haunts students of Class 12 – what next?

While engineering and medicine are definitely good options to pursue, especially if you’re already studying related subjects in school, do remember that options have increased and the choices are immense. Before deciding to specialise in one of the more conventional areas of study, look into these 5 exciting, out-of-the-box and lucrative fields, which is constantly in the lookout for young minds to be a part of it!

1. Ethical Hacking:
Are you brilliant at unlocking people’s accounts? Love experimenting with codes? Take this a step forward and become an ethical hacker. With a growing dependence on the internet and internet-based networking, ethical hackers are in more demand today, than ever. The average salary ranges typically between Rs 2.5 lakhs to 12 lakhs annually, depending on work experience. Institutes like the Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Technology, offer some great courses, while Arizona Infotech in Pune offers a short 15-day course as well. But remember – No criminal records!

2. Public Health Entomology:
If you have always been curious about those little insects which hover around and the likes of them, here is an interesting course for you. The course studies insects and arthropods which impacts human health. It also includes research on the behaviour of ecology. Various health departments, government agencies, and chemical companies are always interested in hiring students from the background. And of course, Universities always want to add on to their knowledge bank with researchers joining them, to study the field further according to reports published in m.dailyhunt.in

3. Anthropology:
Museums have forever been spaces of awe. If you have wanted to know how you can possibly stay in a museum for a large part of your careers, Anthropology is a subject you may want to consider. Anthropologists work mainly focus on archaeological investigations, biological evolutionary studies and other areas such as languages. Where would be most likely be working? On-field, in museums, Universities and with absolutely any organisation which is trying to understand human history and evolution. A number of universities offer both Bachelors and Masters in the field of study.

4. Food Falvouring :
Students with a science background, with an uncanny interest in food? Combine them by becoming a Food Chemist! It will be your job to make food taste better after you are done with this course. A course related to chemistry, good olfactory senses is a bonus to get into the study and flourish in it. Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management in Mumbai, and SRM University are some of the colleges offering this field of study.

5. Photonics:
If you are a science geek, then this is for you. Photonics deals with photons, which are base particles of light, understanding the various aspects and properties of life. The course is a mixture of optical technology and electronics and is available at IIT, International School of Photonics and University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), to name a few.

Of course, there are many more areas of study which are growing rapidly today and requires people with knowledge in the subject. These are just a few to get you started so you can explore the myriad exciting opportunities available today!

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