Rajasthan: Breaking language barrier teachers script success stories

New Delhi, July 12, 2018: Surmounting lingual hurdle, the Hindi medium government school teachers trained to teach Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) syllabus are teaching CBSE students in Swami Vivekanand Model Schools and are crunching out good results. These schools were started three years ago across the state with an aim to improve standard of education in rural areas and to meet standards of CBSE affiliated private schools.

The 134 model schools of the state this year surpassed the success rate that of private CBSE schools in class 10th results. ‘Model schools in state have this year registered an average 87.15% success rate in class 10th results with 16 of the model schools registering 100% result leaving behind average success rate of private CBSE schools that registered 86.6% result this year,’ assistant director and state officer of Swami Vivekanand Model School Dr MR Bhadu said. The class 10th success rate was 98.8% last year, he added. Moreover, at least 50 model schools of the state have obtained ISO certificate so far, Dr Bhadu further said according to reports published in dnaindia.com

Dr Bhadu attributed the good success rate to dedication and commitment of the model school teachers and also to the intelligence of the rural belt students. However, these teachers regret not being able to give their cent percent given the lingual obstacle as they are trained in RBSE syllabus of Hindi medium. ‘Despite the barrier we gave our best to overcome every hurdle,’ said Dr Rajendra Nirmal, principal Swami Vivakanand Model School in Hindoli town of Bundi district where around 500 students from surrounding rural belt are enrolled in the ongoing academic secession. Our school is fully digitalised with some of the digital features introduced only here for the first time in the country, Dr Nirmal further said. We have obtained 94 % success rate in class 10th this year, he added.

The lingual hurdle and inefficiency of the teachers in teaching CBSE syllabus is certainly a major problem in model schools, but these teachers work very hard with the students, take extra classes and routine tests, said Siraj Ahamed Mansuri, principal of Swami Vivekanand Model School in Shahabad.


Teachers on application from the state government run schools are selected for Swami Vivakanad model schools through walk in interview and are appointed for a maximum period of four years. The government school teachers are awarded 10 percent intensive of their basic salary.

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