SSM Row: Tides change, parents support school, demand release of arrested correspondent with hashtag #SupportSSM

New Delhi, July 27, 2018: After days of massive protests, parents of students at Srimathi Sundravalli Memorial (SSM) School are now showing support to the school authorities. The tide seems to have changed after the arrest of the school correspondent, K Santhanam on Wednesday according to reports published in

Several parents and alumni have extended their support to the school since news of the arrest became public and are demanding the correspondent’s release. They are using the hashtag #Support SSM and are now suggesting that the issue could have been solved with just a discussion and it didn’t have to be escalated to this level.

For the last few days hundreds of parents have been protesting against the school’s demand for Rs 2 lakh as a caution deposit, many of the parents who had two or three children studying at the school were distraught by the news. With no idea as to how to arrange such a large amount of money, the parents had almost created a movement of sorts to demand the withdrawal of the circular. But now a section of them feel that the matter might have gotten out of hand.

Claiming that the school is actually pretty fair in other issues, the parents say that there is a chance that things could have been easily solved had the authorities been more open to a meeting. However, there are parents who also claim that they have been threatened to withdraw their protests by other parents who seem to be supporting the management.

Now, the school has issued a notice to parents stating that when the withdrawal of Rs 2 lakh happens, several basic amenities will be cut down as well.

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