DNA Mumbai Anniversary: EuroKids – 17 years of providing a composite learning experience

New Delhi, July 29, 2018: EuroKids started their early childhood education journey in 2001 with two pre-schools in Mumbai. The idea of building a trusted brand in India, that recognizes the care, nurturing and warmth needed behind shaping young minds, was the principal thought behind starting EuroKids Pre-schools according to dnaindia.com

They recognized that a pre-school is the child’s first experience away from home, and this transition of the child between home and school had to be made smooth. Hence, their pre-schools provide a holistic nurturing environment with emphasis on child development, safety and security, hygiene and establishing a close connection with the parents of each child so that EuroKids Pre-schools become the ‘Child’s Second Home’. They’ve always adopted a ‘Child First’ policy and hence everything that they think, plan and do is with this guiding principle at all times.

They extended the ‘Child First’ philosophy when they entered the K-12 segment and wanted to provide meaningful, relevant education to children so that they can be successful in the 21st century. The deep realization that the skills that are required in this century have to focus on 21st century skills and also that they must be imparted from a young age evolved their philosophy of ‘Balanced Schooling’ for their K-12 schools which are called EuroSchools.


In the present-day scenario, they are a 17-year old brand with expertise in early childhood education, but their identity, and its experience have evolved continuously to provide both the children and the parents a superlative pre-school experience. In this journey they were fortunate to find equally passionate individuals who partnered along with them as EuroKids franchise partners. They currently work with more than 1000 partners from across India who are aligned to their mission of providing a nurturing environment for children, thereby aiding the cause of learning

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