Less than half the students graduating from engineering colleges get job placements

New Delhi, August 03, 2018:  Less than half the students graduating from government and private engineering colleges across the country manage to get a job placement, according to data given in the Rajya Sabha by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Here’s a look at the placement record for students graduating from engineering colleges in the last three years.

Private engineering colleges, which have about 7 lakh students on their rolls every year, have shown a slight increase in placements over the past three years. On the other hand, students from government colleges, which have a much lower intake of about 70,000 annually (about 10% of private colleges), have been bagging fewer job placements according to reports published in thehindu.com

The following chart shows the number of students who got placements in government engineering colleges in the past three years

The below plot shows the number of students placed and not placed in private engineering colleges.

The dip in the number of jobs could be a reason for decreased demand for engineering seats in the country. According to AICTE data, the number of Engineering and Technology institutions shut down had been on the rise since 2014-15, but has come down marginally in 2017-18. In parallel, the number of new institutions has shown a slight decline since 2014-15. A look at the trend:

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