Drishti IAS Brings Hindi Current Affairs News Bulletin for UPSC Aspirants

NEW DELHI, August 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Drishti's current affairs news program on YouTube is going to bridge the digital divide between Hindi and English aspirants

Long known for providing exceptional coaching to Hindi medium IAS aspirants, Drishti IAS is spreading out to reach students throughout the country. This time the medium is YouTube. Taking a cue from the Government's Digital India drive, and keeping in mind the power and reach of internet-based content delivery mechanisms, going online seems to be the only way out for many educational institutes and publication houses, and Drishti seems to be doing it flawlessly.

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What sets apart Drishti's digitizing efforts from the rest is the focus on quality. On both content, and recording and broadcasting fronts, Drishti is class apart from its competition. Be it the quality of presentation, audio-video quality or be it the quality of content, there simply is no substitute for it, at least for the much overlooked Hindi medium aspirants. One may find a few other institutes scrambling to cater to the Hindi medium aspirants but catching up with Drishti IAS would require considerable investment in both capital and human resources, something which has not happened as of yet.

Drishti's commitment and vision is clearly visible in the way the news bulletin is presented. The news bulletin comes in the traditional format so, as to appeal to aspirants across the broad spectrum - it looks and feels exactly like a proper news program on TV. Moreover, the content teams at Drishti analyze every topic of current affairs for relevance in the UPSC Civil Services Examination and select the most important ones. This makes the news program a huge time-saver and a crisp tool for revision. Thirty minutes weekly is all that it takes to check up on one's preparation and to stay current.

Last but not the least, the increasing competition in today's world requires a candidate to be on his toes, to be on the lookout, and to be perpetually in the preparation mode. Having audio-video content, such as Drishti's, is a great boon because such content can be checked anytime any place. One may utilize time spent in commuting, lunch time at restaurants, time spent waiting in queues, or even for procrastinating, to prepare and stay ahead of the competition. All one needs is a device like a mobile phone that can stream YouTube.

According to Mr. Ajay Karakoti, COO, Drishti, "If you have a mobile device you are all set to go because Drishti's pioneering Hindi News Bulletin along with its audio-video articles is going to be your study partner, your guide and your friend during your long months of preparation. In fact, your friends may already have found this out, and all you need to do now is find Drishti's channel on YouTube, click subscribe and join your friends."

About Drishti:

Drishti - The Vision Foundation (A unit of VDK Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.) specializes in classroom training for IAS aspirants. It is one of the most sought-after institutes for Hindi medium aspirants. Drishti Publications (A unit of VDK Publications Pvt. Ltd.) publishes a variety of books for competitive examinations including monthly Current Affairs magazines. Drishti's YouTube channel is one of the most-viewed education channels providing quality content to Hindi medium students. The channel has been subscribed by more than 6 lakh people from across the world. Drishti is currently reaching out to aspirants of various State Civil Services like UPPCS, RPCS, MPPCS, UKPCS etc.

Drishti IAS website - http://www.drishtiias.com 
YouTube Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzLqOSZPtUKrmSEnlH4LAvw

Media Contact:
Ajay Kiran Karakoti
VDK Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.