Zebi Launches India’s First Blockchain Solution for Education, Zebi EduChain and Onboards IIIT Basar as its Marquee Customer

HYDERABAD, India, August 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. (Zebi), Hyderabad-based blockchain organization, has launched Zebi EduChain, India's first blockchain solution for education institutions. The solution is targeted at storing educational records on blockchain in the most secure and tamper proof way.

Zebi Data, a start-up, with expertise in building specialized blockchain technologies for varied industry sectors viz. revenue and hospitality, has launched their exclusive blockchain platform for the education sector. Ascertaining the authenticity of the school and college certificates of the candidates, is a major challenge boggling the recruiters and higher educational institutions today. Given the importance, hackers and malicious insiders have significant incentive to tamper or manipulate digital data. The only foolproof solution lies in a properly decentralized blockchain solution.

Zebi EduChain addresses this exact problem. The recently launched EduChain has already bagged the IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology - Basar) as one of its major client for deploying the platform. The institute will use the technology to verify requests from external agencies that seek to ascertain the authenticity of certificates issued by the institute. The firm entered into a memorandum of understanding with IIIT (Basar) last week at the maiden International Blockchain Congress, Hyderabad, to implement the project.

Speaking on the official launch and this strategic win, Babu Munagala, Founder and CEO of Zebi said, "The issue of fake certificates is a big menace. It is quite tough for recruiters, higher educational institutions and other stakeholders to check the authenticity of a certificate. Blockchain can address this problem once and for all." Babu also added, "The educational institution that wants to join the platform will act as a node with full control on the data they own. They will receive requests from stakeholders to verify any certificate issued by them. They will vet the request and give an answer, checking their database. This simplifies the process in a most secure way."

About Zebi:  

Zebi is one of the few enterprise level product companies built in India offering best of the technologies from Silicon Valley at Indian prices. Zebi's core team consists of veterans from the industry and deep business expertise, who have built and deployed multiple enterprise applications. They are ably supported by group of senior advisors who are Machine Learning and Big Data veterans from Silicon Valley with work experience in Facebook, Google, Uber, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon etc.

Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. specializes in providing blockchain based Big Data solutions to governments and enterprises to leverage and protect their high value and sensitive data. Our flagship products Zebi AI Chain™ and Zebi Data Gateway are developed by Zebi's architects from the ground up with Data Security and Privacy Compliance built into the platform.

Zebi, with is current team of 40 employees in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and Hyderabad, is on its way to add a strength of up to 60 in the current calendar year. Its blockchain solution for the hospitality sector has 600 customers (hotels) in Andhra Pradesh. 

Media Contact :
Srinivas Peri
Vice President - Product Startegy
Zebi Data