Want to explore career in machine learning? Here’s a few ways to get an internship or job

New Delhi, September 02, 2018: Machine learning is the field of computer science that allows machines to learn (improve their performance) with little to no human intervention. The applications of machine learning are widespread and far-reaching, ranging from personalised virtual assistants to self-driving cars. From Netflix’s recommendation engine to Google’s self driving car, it’s all machine learning. It is so pervasive today that one might probably use it dozens of times a day without realising it according to dnaindia.com

A machine learning internship will give you the opportunity to progress in the field and get exposure all at once.

Here’s a few easy steps you can follow to bag a machine learning internship or even a machine learning job!

Attend career fairs
Some colleges are known to host career fairs so their students can have easy access to internship opportunities. Career fairs are a great option for finding internships because you can make a personal impression on the recruiter and ask questions about the position.

Get started with analytics
Companies like Mu Sigma and Fractal Analytics indulge in a lot of general analytics work. These companies are okay with hiring freshers as they do not expect prior relevant work experience for junior positions. Also, it is easier to move from Data Analytics to Data Science or Machine Learning.

Showcase your independent projects
You can showcase your independent projects on sites like Github. Make sure there aren’t any half-done projects in your portfolio. Incomplete projects scream to the world that you are not capable of finishing what you have started. Take up small projects so you can complete them in time and include them in your portfolio before you apply for an internship or job.

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