Kozhikode schools to hold extra classes to compensate for lost hours

New Delhi, September 09, 2018: It has been over a week since schools in Kozhikode have re-opened, and a majority of the students who were housed in relief camps during the floods have returned to their classes. However, teachers are now faced with a greater task in hand, which includes re-starting the classes, catching up with the portions and meanwhile keeping track of the academic progress of students according to m.dailyhunt.in

District education authorities point out that since several classes have been lost during the Nipah virus infection and floods, the focus will now be shifted to finishing the portions at the earliest. ‘The worst affected are the Plus two students, as their portions have to be completed quickly. In addition, several teachers are currently busy with the first year plus one improvement examination, ” said Calicut Government Vocational & Higher Secondary School teacher Swabir Rahath. ‘ Science subjects such as Physics and Chemistry require time to be taught, we are conducting extra classes for students and ensuring that the syllabus is completed, ” he said

A majority of the schools have now resorted to conducting classes on Saturdays. “We are not holding any special classes on weekdays, and such a system will be followed only after December,” he added.

Meanwhile, the uncertainty surrounding the term exams have also put students and teachers in a fix. The first term exams were supposed to be conducted in schools prior to the Onam holidays. However, owing to the floods the exams had to be postponed.’ We are yet to receive directions on when and how to conduct these exams. So, currently, all teachers are holding class tests on their respective subjects ‘ said Government Ganapath Model Girls’ Higher Secondary School Headmaster Sudhakaran T M.

Though schools have decided to go ahead with activities such as training programmes for parents and teachers and academic-oriented events for students, these will be carried out only on a low-key. ‘ The number of Saturdays during which schools will function will depend on the number of days lost during the floods. This will vary in each district, ” said Deputy Director of Education E K Suresh Kumar.

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