International Literacy Day 2018: Top 7 Vocational Courses in India

New Delhi, September 10, 2018: Vocational courses impart pragmatic and practical skills pertaining to a particular field and prepare the students for a flourishing career. The importance of vocational courses has been increasing worldwide. In India, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) currently offers around forty vocational courses in various departments like finance, tourism, hospitality, agriculture etc. Here’s a list of top 7 vocational courses that are popular with youngsters and offer lucrative career options according to reports published in

1. Photography:

Photography is the most sought after profession nowadays. It is a combination of art, technology and science. As a photographer you not only need to capture a moment but also define it perfectly. Most people develop a love for photography in their youth and vocational courses help in making your passion, your career!

2. Beauty Courses:

With the world becoming fashion conscious more than ever, and with technological advancements in this industry, vocational courses in Beauty and Wellness are turning out to be promising careers. The demand of beauticians within India as well as abroad is high and helps one land a job, instantly.

3. Foreign Languages:

Language is quintessential for communication. Today we live in a global economy and knowing a foreign language is a plus. A foreign language course not just makes you proficient in that language but also enriches you with the knowledge about history, culture and lifestyle of the other country. One can pick up a job as a translator, language expert, freelancer, or teacher.

4. Catering Management:

The catering industry is bustling in India and there’s no dearth of employers seeking trained caterers. One can work in hotels, food processing companies or even take a leap in the Start-up world.

5. Banking and Finance:

Youngsters are interested in banking and it is one of the fast growing career choices. Banking is the reflection of the economy of a country. Finance involves working on investments under any and every situation. Pursuing a career in this sector is quite rewarding. A person can work in banks or as an analyst, statistician, or stock broker in private firms amongst many other options.

6. Animation:

Who doesn’t absolutely adore animated characters? In the animation sector, you can create magic with your imagination. A good animator can work in producing movies, children shows, advertisements, online gaming industry, etc and the job pays well.

7. Disaster Management:

Disasters can occur anytime, anywhere. This course provides you with the appropriate knowledge and skills to help people overcome such situations. You cannot eliminate disasters all together but you can at least reduce their impact. A vocational course in Disaster Manageement helps you get various jobs in different government departments like natural disaster, fire, terrorism, etc, and even in private firms and MNCs.

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