University of Nottingham investigates ‘uni girls love rape’ message left on toilet floor

Nottingham, September 16, 2018: The University of Nottingham has launched an investigation after a message reading “uni girls love rape” was left on a bathroom floor in one of its student halls.

Described as “disgusting” by the institution, it was made using toilet paper.

A photograph of the message in the Florence Boot Hall was subsequently shared on Twitter by a student. The shared, catered hall has about 200 rooms according to reports published in

The university said staff immediately removed the message once it came to light.

“This disgusting message was removed as soon as staff were made aware of it,” a spokesperson told The Independent. “It does not reflect the values of the university nor the behaviour we expect within our community and as such we have launched a full investigation into who placed it there.”

 They added: “We work hard to raise awareness on sexual consent through our Let’s be Clear on Consent initiative, which tackles myths and misunderstandings about sexual consent, rape and sexual abuse. As misogyny is a hate crime in Nottingham we also provide information on harassment and hate crime reporting.”

The incident comes after a group of students who reportedly made jokes about rape in private Facebook messages were suspended by the University of Warwick.

Recent research revealed that more than three in five students have been sexually assaulted or harassed while at university.

A number of law students who made racist comments were also expelled by the University of Exeter after private WhatsApp conversations were shared on Facebook.

Screenshots of the “racist and vile” messages alleged to have been sent between Bracton Law Society members were posted to Facebook by a student. They included one message which said: “If they’re black, send em back.”

Racial slurs, derogatory terms and rape “jokes” also featured in the group chat called “Dodgy Blokes Soc” .

The University of Exeter launched an internal investigation into the comments in March and earlier this month said its inquiry had resulted in “expulsions, suspensions and other significant sanctions” but the students in question had the right to appeal. It is unclear whether they opted to do so or not.

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