Changing Jobs? Do it the right way?

By Ankit Bansal, Founder and CEO, Sapphire Human Solutions

We are a country of 1.2 billion people. Yet when you go out to marry, you will find it difficult to find one good person to marry. The situation with jobs can be similar. While generally the job market is good and has been good for last few years, the right job can take time. The time taken to find the right job is inversely proportional to how desperate you are to change your job. The more desperate you are, the less time you take to jump. Needless to say, most of such jobs are hardly “right jobs”. Therefore the key to changing to a right job is to not let yourself reach a desperate situation. Don’t leave just because your boss shouted on you today. Or don’t leave because the other job pays you more but not significantly more. There is no point changing jobs for the sake of changing. Look out for the delta in the new job. The delta could be money, role, people and culture, company or industry. Change if there is delta, as per your judgement, in atleast two items. Don’t change if there is delta in one item only and don’t expect a delta in all items.

So, when would one know that it is a good time to change? Are there any signals that one could catch?There is an old saying “leave when you are on a high.” So instead of realizing of what’s not working out, try and see what have you achieved. Answer some questions truthfully for yourself. Have you given your best to the company? Is your best good enough for company to go all out to retain you if you were to try quitting your job? Have you given sufficient time to understand the company and vice versa? What do you think the next couple of years in the company could look like, for both you and the company? If you are thinking of these questions when an opportunity comes knocking, chances are you are not in a desperate situation. Now apply those delta points discussed above and make the RIGHT CHOICE.

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