How CEOs focus on growth and innovation

New Delhi, October 05, 2018: Digital transformation is everywhere on the agendas of corporate boards and has risen to the top of CEOs’ strategic plans. This is the environment that company leaders in businesses large and small find themselves needing to traverse. That means building innovative cultures, making smart bets with new technology, and ensuring their businesses possess the skills and capabilities to exploit both. The role of the CEOs and C-level business executives is to encourage innovation and agility and recognize that today. 

In conversation with Mr. Sandeep Nair, Associate Partner, Sapphire Human Solutions on how CEOs focus on growth and innovation:

The role of the CEOs and C-level Business Executives in the Company’s Growth on How CEOs focus on growth and innovation

Any organization’s growth story is written by the vision and strategies driven by the CEO and his top management team. The long term growth and health of the company depends on the decisions taken by the CEO and his core team.  The CEO also plays a critical role in building the organization in terms of its people, processes and culture. He inspires the employees to achieve the common vision of the organization.

What skills and capabilities they expect to bring into their company

The executive leaders themselves are coming up with creative and innovative ideas for developing a diligent and industrious workforce with the qualities of integrity and humility. Even from the frontline roles to the top executives, the Corporate Leaders are looking for creativity, adaptability and ability to learn new skills. They want the next generation of their employees to have their own thoughts and ideas and to take the ownership of their role and fulfill them diligently.

Why digital transformation is on the CEO’s shoulders

The rise of technology and social media has opened up new avenues for the business to grow upon. It has changed the course of the businesses in many aspects, from hiring new employees with technology orientation to integrating technology for productivity improvement.  . Today’s customer has a digital way of life. In this context, adapting the organization’s products and services to meet and exceed the customer expectations makes it imperative for organizations to think and act digital.

Hiring trends of C- Suite

The C-suite of the new generation is taking the responsibility of growing the business world in the digital age. Technology has changed the course of the business world and taken it all together to a new level. It has not only brought in new solutions but also new challenges. Companies today, want their Executive Leaders to be technological experts with a better insight to incorporating that technology with their existing business model. Dig out the transitional problems and make sure the amalgamation of the technology and business bring about an optimum change in the company. Automation is the keyword for the companies that were already reliant on technology, in order to keep up with the fast growing Asian manufacturing companies. This is why companies are deliberately looking for the C-suite equipped with tech innovation ideas and new growth concepts. However, it seems like a herculean task to find a perfect combination of experienced and technologically innovative Executive, but companies are hopefully awaiting a positive response from the Human Resource Organizations.

Leadership Qualities to look into the world of Recruiting

Leadership is the virtue that comes along with many aspects to a executive’s personality, which includes his willingness to adapt to the given situation of the company, the sacrifice he makes for the betterment of the organization and the manner in which he inspires his peers. Organizations around the globe are looking for innovative, creative, diligent, industrious, and expert strategists for their Leadership roles. The emerging C-suite is therefore equipped with advanced technology and new business ideologies that ensures the success of the companies. The market is growing bigger every day and the need of a perfect leader is even greater and the meaning of a perfect leader keeps changing as per the market too.

Latest HR Trends

Currently, the companies are following the latest scientific approaches in the hiring process. There are certain established psychological indicators that help recruiters in finding the best talent out of the potential candidates. Artificial Intelligence is also playing a crucial role in the talent acquisition process. Skill assessments, Virtual Reality, and psychological analysis are some of the tools many of the recruiters are using to hire the right talent for C-suite and the company workforce.

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