This School In Odisha Has Been Operating From A Hut for the Past Fifteen Years

New Delhi, October 21, 2018: A school in Odisha has been operating out of a hut for the last fifteen years according to

The school is located in Moroda, which is in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. The reason for the school being a hut, and continuing to be a hut for the last fifteen years, is ‘land disputes.’

The government school currently houses students from standard 1 to 5, and operates all year round. Except during bad weather. A teacher, BS Behera, tells ANI , how mid-day meal is cooked at the same place” for the students, and “classes are impossible during rain/storm.”

Mayurbhanj: Classes for Std 1 to 5 students of a govt school in Moroda are being conducted in a hut for past 15 years as school building hasn’t been constructed yet. Teacher BS Behera says,’mid-day meal is cooked at the same place.Classes are impossible during rain/storm’

The reason this school has not been shifted, is because there is no school building to move them to and their own school building was not constructed for fifteen years. Instead, thirty-three students of different age groups jostle for space inside a small, which hut has remained constant since 2002, when the project to build the school got caught up in the alleged land dispute.

A social worker from the district, Sanjib Rout, stated how, “the school is many years old and it has remained as such since its formation. It proves a failure of government machinery as well as the local leadership. Education department should have taken an initiative the issue would have resolved long back.”

The small hut which houses this school also lacks basic amenities like drinking water and toilets. But there is a positive side to it – that people are still continuing to go to school despite not having access to a proper school structure to even house them.

10 years from now it won’t matter if it was a Hur or a Posh AC school as long as the Kids continue to be educated! The way I look at it ! Awesome despite the odds kids have access to education

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