TruMath is the right platform for understanding mathematical concepts and skills – Mr. Sachin Gulati, Founder, TruMath

New Delhi, October 25, 2018:

1)Tell us about the journey behind the launch of TruMath?

Mathematics has always been a passion for me which drove me into teaching just after the completion of my engineering in 1999. It proved to be a right decision because, in the very first batch of 12 students, 9 cleared IIT of which 2 were in the top 50 all India rank. The journey marked more milestones and the success continued year after year. I co-fou`nded ‘Knowledge Campus’ in Jalandhar, Punjab in 2005 to teach mathematics to IIT aspirants and for last 20 years, the best results in the state are coming from our institute that also includes AIR 17th in IIT in 2017.

During my teaching, I always felt this trouble that most of the students coming to higher classes are afraid of mathematics, which is actually an interesting and easy subject. The reason is that mathematics has not been taught in a proper manner. I started searching options and figured out that only online medium can extend my outreach to more and more students. With the help of the internet and advanced technology, I wanted to clear the shortcomings of existing online education models and deliver the best quality knowledge of Mathematics at every doorstep at the minimum cost. Thus, the ambition of providing the best learning resources to every student in the country finally led to launching TruMath, which replicates the offline learning model on the online platform. TruMath is a mission to enable every child, sitting in any corner of the country, belonging to any economic strata, with the best learning of Mathematics at really affordable cost.

2)What course does it offer and what is the course period?

We have started with the Mathematics learning facility for 8th, 9th, and 10th standard across India. The study model of TruMath follows CBSE and ICSE curriculum with well-planned online classroom sessions to give a personalized experience to students with all the benefits of an offline study model. Our expansion plans include Mathematics courses for IIT-JEE, Maths Olympiad and NTSE along with test preparations.

3)What is the fee structure?

The fee for the online course has been made affordable for every student across the country at a nominal price of Rs. 5999. This brings down the education cost to a great extent (more than 25%) without compromising with the quality of comprehensive study material and skilled teachers. Students can also join TruMath on monthly basis and quarterly basis at pocket-friendly prices of Rs. 899 and Rs. 2499 respectively.

4)How is it different from other educational apps?

The replication of ‘Offline Study Model’ on an online application has only accomplished by TruMath and none other. Students learn in a subjective approach, as the solutions can be uploaded by clicking pictures and further evaluation is done by expert teachers. TruMath breaks the notion of the objective learning process on the online platform. Not just this, our ‘TruMath Parent’ application separately notifies and updates parents on the child’s progress and activity during the learning session. The platform of TruMath with its interactive lectures will let the students work through problems as part of the session, followed by discussions of the various ways to tackle the problems. This arrangement is not available in any other educational app in the country.

5)How is TruMath helping students with the quality education at an affordable price?

 Education has become a huge sector in India. There are many private organizations providing quality education and the government has also launched various plans and policies for the betterment of the education system. These have their own flaws, as the private coaching and learning programs are too expensive for a majority of the Indian people and the government plans also lack the strength to impart quality education. In such a scenario, TruMath is replicating ‘Offline Study Model’ through the online medium for all the students on various subjects at the most affordable pricing. The online course fee for TruMath is kept nominal at INR 5999 so every parent can afford it for their children. The personalized quality learning experience of TruMath will help the student score well not only in school exams, but also in competitive exams like NTSE and Mathematics Olympiad, and later in college entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, and CAT.

6)What is the current market size in the country?

Currently, the online education market is growing rapidly and estimated to reach nearly USD 500 Million. This multimillion dollar industry shows great prospects in the coming time. The advancement of technology and globalization has fueled the growth of online education sector in India and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.02% as per a recent research. (By Research And the Digital India initiative by the government has also rocketed the growth of this sector. To enlighten the scope of this industry, a fact that India is reaching the mark of 1 billion mobile users can solely establish the huge potential of App-based online education platforms.

7)What are the challenges in this space?

Behavioral change has come up as a major challenge in the vertical of online education. In India, parents are somehow still not convinced with the thought that an online platform can help their child learn better than an offline classroom study course. It took us time to project our innovative approach and help parents understand that our unique model overcomes all the drawbacks of both the online and offline study models. Our ‘TruMath Parent’ app also keeps parents updated and notifies them about the child’s progress and tracks the study. Today, we are gaining momentum and students from across the country are opting for our learning programs.

8)How do you think technology is making working parent’s life easy?

The prevailing notion in Indian content of education program is ‘offline or classroom study models’. Right from a small town to metro city, parents promote offline studies more than the online education models. The shortcomings of existing online education models have also added to the situation. This leads to a need for an effective and efficient online education model that can fill the gaps and redefine online learning.

 For working parents, it is quite difficult to arrange offline classroom courses for their children and even critical aspect is keeping the track record of their children’s performance and learning. This is where technology comes in the purview. Online education system not just provides teaching materials and lectures online but also facilitates mock tests for exam preparation. Our unique model of TruMath also incorporates the ‘TruMath Parent’ application, which separately notifies and updates parents on the child’s progress and activity during the learning session. This is an easier way for working parents to keep track of their children’s study and help them in performing better.

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