Colbert County education foundation announces first classroom grants

New Delhi, October 26, 2018: The Colbert County Schools Education Foundation has awarded its first round of classroom grants in the amount of $28,453.

The foundation, established a year ago primarily for the purpose of supporting and supplementing classrooms through the Colbert County school district, has raised the money through fundraisers, payroll deductions and corporate sponsors.

School system spokesman Matt Dalrymple said more than $400 came through employee payroll deductions, and there are currently seven corporate sponsors.

Dalrymple said teachers receiving the grants will place purchase orders for the equipment immediately, securing it this semester for use.

“The foundation board really stretched this money and is doing a great deal of good for our classrooms throughout the system,” he said.

Foundation president Ken Aday said the group was pleased with the amount of money it raised in about six months.

“Our first six months in existence was just getting our feet on the ground and getting organized,” Aday said. “Our goal now is to grow the support and sponsorship each year and give back even more to those classrooms.”

According to the reports published by in Aday said the foundation expects more grant proposals in the future.

The grant proposal process is effective, he said, where the teachers site in the proposal the cost of materials or equipment being sought, how it will help the students and how many students will be impacted.

“We were thrilled to do what we did in six months but we expect to do even more in the future,” Aday said. “We’re hoping to do another round of grants in the spring.”

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