Hyderabadis shine in Cambridge assessment

Hyderabad, October 27, 2018 : Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has awarded five students from Hyderabad for their exceptional performance in the 2017-18 exam under four categories according to m.dailyhunt.in

According to Times Of India reports, the award winners will be recognised for their exceptional performance at the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards ceremony which will be held early next year.

Murlesh Agarwal, Meghana Bellamkonda, Pavani Atchula,Hiranmayi Krishna Desharaju and Antara Narayan from schools across the country awarded for their impressive academic achievements

‘The Cambridge programme allows students to develop spontaneous thinking capability, eliminating the confinements that arise out of the rote method of study. There is a shift in selection of subjects and we see students opting for more non-STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects that helps them understand the far-reaching effects of their actions and leads to enhanced confidence in pursuit of their chosen career,’ said Maya Sukumaran, principal of Gitanjali School.

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