CMR Institute of TechnologyadoptsMarasandra village

Bengaluru, November 13, 2018: City-based CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT)has adopted Marasandra village with the help of village Gram Panchayat. A MoU was also signed between CMRIT and Marasandra, Mandur, Jalahobli, Bengaluru.CMRIT has taken up this initiative to help the village in the area of education, healthcare, agriculture, energy, environment, and others, through various schemes and seminars. CMRIT and Marasandra communitieswill work together at the grass-root level, enabling them to pursue the common goal for overall development of the village.

A survey was done recently by the team of student communities and faculty members of CMRIT to explore the village. The team visited 220 houses, which were part of Marsandra village located near Mandur,JalaHobli in Bengaluru North. The village has been facing many problems and lacks basic infrastructure like roads, washroom facilities in the schools, increased pollution in the village, shortage of water, farmers struggling for cattle mats and poor drainage system,among others.The survey aims to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance their knowledge and skills which will assist them in personal development as well asfulfillthe social needs to address the countless problems faced by the rural population through brain storming.  The institute has always encouraged and supported a collaborative atmosphere that gives rise to technological and social innovation.

CMRIT has successfully lent a helping hand to the villagers of Marasandra. The MoU seeks to give an overall view of the possible activities that can be carried out as well as develop basic understanding between the Gram Panchayat and CMRIT in the following areas.

Assisting in organizing socially benefiting events for the villagers.
To look after the over-all development in improving the cleanliness and hygiene standards in the village as well as provide skills in the improvement of education and technical skills.

Introduction of innovative technological solutions to improve the quality of life, organizehealth check-ups with the help of medical experts.
Dr Sanjay Jain, Principal, CMRIT on signing the MoU expressed his gratitude towards the people of Marasandra village. He said, “I feel very proud to see my students coming together and taking this initiative to provide help to those in need especially Marasandra Village. It`s an overwhelming experience for CMRIT. I also would like to thank people who have come forward to fight for common interest in the field of social upliftment and application of technology for social needs and have decided to join hands in conducting various activities and events. The journey will help both Marasandra village and CMRIT to explore new avenue for development.”

Prof.Sharmila KP, CMRIT, the lead of the projectsaid, “I am thrilled to work for the development of the village using innovation and expose them to the modern world filled with technology.”

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)

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