Admin gets obscene threats on e-mail after he banned shorts in college

Bengaluru, November 17, 2018: No one can wear shorts on campus, declared the Administrative Officer (AO) of a private engineering college in Bengaluru in an e-mail he sent out to all staff members. He was rewarded with an obscene threatening e-mail within hours on November 3.

The AO approached the Cyber Crime Division of the police seeking legal action against the person who sent the e-mail on November 9. K Unnikrishnan, the 63-year-old AO of Amrita School of Engineering in Kasavanahalli, stated in his complaint that it was an administrative decision to ban the entry of staff or students wearing shorts inside the administrative Block as per the university policy, as the girls hostel, family quarters and classrooms are located within the administrative block according to reports published in

‘An e-mail was also sent to the staff communicating the same on November 3. The same afternoon, an e-mail with obscene photographs and a threatening message were sent to my e-mail ID from ‘’,’ he stated in his complainant.

Following his complaint the police have filed a case for criminal intimidation (IPC 506), sending obscene content (IPC 206), transmitting of material containing sexually explicit act and transmitting of material depicting children in sexually explicit acts under the provisions of the Information Technology Act (Sections 67(A), 67 (B)).

The police said that experts were working on tracing the IP address from which the e-mail was sent. ‘Though we can not confirm at this point of time, the role of some staff cannot be ruled out,’ an official at the Cyber Crime police station said.

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