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In a brief tête-à-tête, Dr RS Praveen Kumar, the brain behind TSWREIS, talks about the Society’s initiatives to provide holistic and value-based teaching to underprivileged students

New Delhi, November 25, 2018: The Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) has ushered in a new hope for students, particularly from the marginalised sections in the State. A total of 268 social welfare residential educational institutions from class V to undergraduate level have been imparting quality, holistic and value-based education to the students from the economically weaker sections on a par with the advantaged students.

Not just academics in the classroom, the Society is providing a wide range of opportunities, including coding, robotics, cricket coaching, and entrance examination coaching to tap their full potential. Several students who graduated from the Society have made a remarkable mark in various fields.

In an interview with Sunday Scape, Dr RS Praveeen Kumar, secretary, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, who was the brain behind the success of these schools and colleges, talks about the journey of the Society so far, and future plans.

How is the Society transforming life of students from the marginalised sections?

The Society schools and colleges have been giving basic security and hope for the students from marginalised sections to pursue dreams of their choice. Students who join the institutions have an assured pathway of entering unknown horizons. The institutions are preparing future leaders from the underprivileged sections. So far, the journey of the Society has been encouraging and impactful.

Are any States planning to replicate the Society’s model? 

The Society’s model has impressed several States, including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Bihar, Delhi, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The officials from those States who visited the schools were overwhelmed by the brilliance of students, besides overall development. They were awestruck by the focus the Society has been laying on the girls’ education. The officials were also impressed by the support from the government and parents’ trust on the Society.

You were the brain behind Malavath Poorna, who was the youngest girl to scale Mount Everest. Any plans for more expeditions?

We want to clone the spirit of Poorna among all students of the Society in various fields including mathematics Olympiads and sports. We want to tap the potential of the students in their interest.

How is the response for Armed Forces Preparatory Degree College for Women? 

Women were traditionally not given an opportunity to join the Indian Armed Forces. Recently, the doors were opened for women. With one stroke, we want to bring students from the periphery to the core and provide them with steady training and prepare them for a career in the armed forces. The college has been started this year and it received an overwhelming response according to the reports published by   in telanganatoday.com.

Future plans… 

Robotics and coding have been introduced for the Society students. We want to create a new generation of students who not just master three languages – Telugu, Hindi and English – but also a language that is used for communicating with the machines.

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