Future-proofing higher education starts with reinventing the college degree

New Delhi, November 29, 2018: The speed at which technology is changing has created a reality where we have to rethink our education system. The impact that rapidly changing technology is having on the workforce and economy cannot be ignored, and we must come to terms with the fact that we need to be continually learning and refreshing our skills in order to stay relevant according to reports published in qz.com

The jobs of the future will require a hybrid set of skills from a variety of subject areas. But our current education model has us spending at least three years studying the same singular discipline. As the en vogue skills will change several times as our careers progress, higher education degrees are also adapting, focusing on flexible and customizable credential offerings.

In this future, imagine that instead of graduating with a single degree from one university, you will design your own personalized degree from many online or residential programs. Smaller, modular chunks of education will reign, and our learning experience will become incredibly flexible and customizable.

Think of it like building a Lego castle block by block instead of purchasing a pre-made plastic one: You select the different bricks you need to build the strongest foundation for your career.

Modular education will allow students to personalize their work prospects. Instead of spending four years pursuing the same degree as thousands of others, they will be able to build a degree that plays to their strengths and differentiates themselves from the competition. They will be able to combine humanities skills with tech skills, communication skills with coding skills, and analytical skills with design skills. This approach will essentially enable students to synthesize their own education with the customized skillset required for the careers of the future.

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