“Trumath is the new tool for students for better understanding of maths”

New Delhi, December 06, 2018: Recent years have seen a quick expansion of tablet computers in households and schools. One of the educational affordances of tablet computers is using math apps to engage students in mathematics learning. However, given the short history  of  mobile  devices, little research exists on the effectiveness of math apps,  particularly  for  struggling  students. If we talk about students and asked them what is the definition of hard? the quick answer is Mathematics. So we can say the students see mathematics as a tension. The solution is so easy and name for it is “TRUMATH”. It’s an online app which is specially designed for the students of IIT JEE preparation and IIT JEE Foundation and also provide the basic learning classes for the students from class 8th to 10th. Knowledge and learning are the two main components which strengthen the student’s skill set. The motive behind this app  is to give more value to mathematics and with a desire to make it a favorite subject of students. For competitive exams, calculations and time management is necessary and TruMath helps in making it easy.

After analyzing all the available online platforms for mathematics he found that something is missing so he developed Trumath to fill this missing thing from the life of students and make a place for mathematics in their life.

The founder of this innovative app is Mr. Sachin Gulati, an educator and he founded this app in 2016 to remove the myth that mathematics is hard and tough to understand. As a lover  of mathematics, he thought to make this same for every student because if the base is not strong then knowledge and learning would be incomplete. He has been coaching students for IIT entrance examinations for the last two decades. A chemical engineer from Panjab University, his passion for mathematics led him to teach, and he co-founded Knowledge Campus in Jalandhar in 2005 to teach mathematics to IIT aspirants.

“The software that I have created enables an environment that is similar to a classroom,”

Sachin says Sometimes it is not possible for parents to arrange offline classes then TruMath is very helpful in vanishing this problem. It’s the best option for students to mathematics with fun and creativity. Many elementary school students struggle with acquiring basic math skills. Educational technology has long been recognized as a valuable approach to improving the mathematics achievement of elementary school children.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)

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