Special education teacher arrested 5 times since June

Nashville, January 11, 2019: A Nashville special education teacher is off the job after being arrested five times in six months.

News4 obtained the arrest affidavits for Mary Wade who faces charges for order of protection/restraining order violations, harassment and aggravated stalking according to reports published in wsmv.com

It’s news that’s shocking parents at Hillwood High School in Nashville.

“You would expect that a professional that deals with children and parents would try to keep a clean record,” parent Erica Munsell said.

In copies of Wade’s arrest affidavits it says Wade and her husband are separated, and her husband has an order of protection which she’s accused of continuing to violate.

The documents state Wade sent her husband death threats and harassed him on social media.It says Wade would even call her husband’s work asking if he was there, and then would try contacting him through blocked numbers and fake Facebook accounts.

Garcia has a child in the high school’s special education program. She tells News4 she’s glad to know the school is aware of these charges and that Wade is now on administrative leave.

“We need these kids safe in our school, and we don’t need people like that in our school,” Garcia said.

Metro Public Schools tells News4 Wade has been working for the district since 2014, and it’s their understanding that she’s been placed on leave at the school level before but couldn’t give details about what it was for.

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