Upper Iowa University endowed chairs to present lectures January 17

Fayette,  January 15, 2019: Upper Iowa University Associate Professor of Education/Master of Education Chair Billie Cowley and Associate Professor of Art/McCosh Professor of Fine Arts Elissa Wenthe will present a pair of lectures at Upper Iowa University’s Fayette Campus on Thursday.

The free public presentations are scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. in the UIU Liberal Arts Auditorium according to wcfcourier.com

Cowley, who is also a mental health first aid trainer, will present “Mental Illnesses and the Overlap of Trauma Informed Care.” The UIU professor’s presentation will discuss what trauma is, risk factors and protective factors related to mental illnesses, and possible strategies to use when working with an individual who has experienced trauma.

The materials she chooses are easily manipulated. She works quickly and spontaneously, responding to clay, fabric or natural materials to create a new form.

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