State making strides inoutcome-based education

New Delhi, January 21, 2019: The Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) has set its sights on training 1,000 assistant professors, including engineering college teachers, in Outcome-based Teaching and Evaluation (OBTE) during the current year through its faculty training centre.

According to the reports published in the OBTE seeks to provide each university the freedom to determine the outcomes of its courses and programmes. The varsity has to ensure that the targeted outcomes of the courses and programmes should be in sync with the curriculum. The KSHEC has been advocating the need for universities to publish their graduate attributes — skills offered in addition to the curriculum — for about two years. Outcome-based education has been a long term goal in this direction.

Training crucial

The training sessions are crucial for realising outcome-based education, a key component of the Washington Accord, an international accreditation agreement to which India is a signatory.

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