Poland; January 31, 2019 : Despite Polish labour market’s demand for technical and vocational institutions graduates, technology and industry schools are often seen as “inferior” ones.  Such schools perception awareness has  however started to change; in the last two years students have choose industry schools more and more and thus mire often given up on general-education high schools according to reports published in

The first day of the School Fair includes the conference – this is when employers will present job offers, schools representatives will talk about the professions training are offered in. The meeting will host  Minister Anna Zalewska or a the Ministry’s authorities representative.

This meeting provides the occasion to present new professions to be introduced into schools’ curricula from September on.

Kazimierz Mądzik, the  Świętokrzyskie Regional Chief Education Officer  emphasizes the need to demonstrate to young people that vocational schools are the right choice for those who want to have a good job. The Targi Kielce meeting is also a chance to learn about the vocational school graduates’ earnings. The Regional Chief Education Officer emphasizes they remuneration is often higher than the earnings of people who have graduated from HEI.

Similar conferences organized by MEN are to take place all over Poland.

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