Premier calls for early education funding for four-year-olds

 Australia, March 14, 2019: “I absolutely believe that giving our children the very best start is an absolute priority,” Ms Palaszczuk said in response to expert calls for increased learning programs for three-year-olds revealed by The Courier-Mail today.

“Our focus at the moment is on four-year-olds and ensuring that four-year-olds have really good access to quality education in those formative years.

“The funding unfortunately for four-year-olds is running out at the end of this year according to

“We need to see a firm commitment in the Federal budget.

“Is the expansion to three-year-olds a good idea? I firmly believe it is but we’ve got to get the four-year-olds right first before we start talking about three-year-olds.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said a long-term funding commitment to kindy for four-year-olds was vital for the State to be able to provide greater access.

“I know that Federal Labor, has agreed that they will be looking at introducing a three-year-old progressive kindy from 2021,” she said.

“We look forward to working with then if that becomes a reality but really what we need in the Federal budget now is long-term funding so we can invest in the kindy program today for the kids of tomorrow.”

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