Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology Launches New Courses-Certification and Diploma Programs

Kolkata, March 15, 2019: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal – a doorway to renowned and advanced Knowledge and  research programs, yet again has launched various new age professional certification programs in addition to the existing certification and degree courses. The prolonged offerings are intended to meet the market demand for talent with specialised technical and engineering leadership skills. Existing  in-house courses includeCore Networking, Advanced Computational Science, Web Application Design, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science with R, Data Analytics with Python . The other recent offerings include – Certification and Diploma Programs along with partners such as PGD in Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing, Web Development, C, C++ & Data Structure, Virtualization, Network Administration and Big Data &Hadoop. In the context, Information Technology is also to be mentioned that some other important areas of certification,diploma and degree programs: Certification Courses on “Drone Operation and Maintenance”, “Eye Mitra Optician” , “computer software and hardware”, two year PG degree in Public Management, one year PGD in Governance & Public Policy to the officer trainee of BCS and IAS, PGD in Cyber Security, PGD in  Machine Learning and Certification Course, have also been considered to be introduced soon.

Some of the new Certification Course are described below: (Duration: 3-12 Months)-

  • Python – Python programming language is currently the most popular language for Data Scientists worldwide. It can help one build a career in Web Development, Games Development, Big Data, Web Testing, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, and M2M & Smart Devices.
  • Soft Skills – Soft Skills are the most crucial part in the whole career. This program helps one overcome barriers to effective communications, in understanding emotions, address the most common mistakes made in conversational as well as written communication, in knowing the importance of body language, anger and stress management, speak without fear and a lot more.
  • Web Development – web development has different opportunities around the globe. It gives flexibility of earning money from freelancing, office, home, or anywhere. This program strongly helps in understanding the computer network, extranet and internet, network topologies, definition of internet, internet organization, growth of internet, features and services, multicast routing, broadcast, challenges in distributed computing, emergence of web services, definition of DNS (Domain Name System)
  • C++ – It is one of the most important courses when it comes to the IT professionals. The course will nurture the characteristics of object-oriented languages; output using COUT, the set manipulator, type conversions, inheritance, pointer, virtual function, streams and files, templates and exceptions, function templates, class templates exception, etc.
  • Cloud Computing – This particular course will strongly look into making EC2 instance, comparison with Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machine launching platform, introduction to elastic container service, for managing running application, elastic load balancing, elastic bean stalk in nutshell for rapid deployment scaling & monitoring an application, AWS networking & content delivery & virtual PVT. Cloud, elastic load balancer & Amazon auto scaling.
  • Cyber Security: Cyber security refers to a set of techniques used to protect systems, network and data from cyber-attacks. Cyber Security training and certification courses make you well versed with the processes and practices followed for protecting networks and data from unauthorised attacks. The state Information Technology & Electronics (IT&E) department has selected Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) as its knowledge partner for cyber security. The university, which runs a number of courses on cyber security.
  • Eye Mitra Optician: With the objective to channelize the youth into entrepreneurship and other job opportunities in eye health care sector a one year certificate course on primary eye care and optical dispensing has been launched under MAKAUT (West Bengal) for the first time in India in collaboration with Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre.
  • Drone Technology: Drones are the bridge of the physical and digital world. They enable companies to combine the power of scalable computing resources with pervasive, affordable sensors that can go anywhere. One of the most popular commercial uses of drones is construction planning and management. Software developers have created solutions that analyze construction progress with regularly captured data. Drones are helpful to get a job in Manufacturing & Inventory Management, Food Services Industry, Journalism and News Coverage, drone pilot, Film Making, Photography, Real Estate, Transportation Business and many more.

The curriculum includes Introduction to drone technology, basic concepts of flight of drones, rules and regulations, radio frequency, components used in drones, assembly, employ-ability and entrepreneurship skill development.

Mr. Saikat Maitra, Vice Chancellor, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology said, ‘We are very delighted to inform you that, MAKAUT has come up with a new addition to its portfolio; the new courses under the Certification Programme and diploma programs. An increasing number of students in India are now looking for different options/fields to study and carve their career. We at MAKAUT are offering a number of variationsto expand their skills set. Certification and diploma courses which have been offered allow students to gain focused knowledge, work experience and expertise, providing candidates and edge from their peers.’’

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)

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