An Institute that is built on values, but focus on creating ‘millionaires’

New Delhi, April 03, 2019: According to one of the recent reports by New World Wealth Group, India will have around million millionaires by 2027, making India as one of the 4th largest economy in the world. But guess what? This institute is not an ordinary institute that teaches you some sort of entrepreneurship course nor does it believe in providing some research tips on stock market. It is an institute that believes in coaching to self-learning, it is a place that believes in fulfilling dreams through option trading.

Incepted in the year 2014, an institute today have more than 10,000+ student’s alumni with study centres in three major cities of India. Derivative Trading Academy was formed by two stock market professional Mr. Rahul Khanna & Mr. Manish Sharma; who has more than a decade of experience in stock trading, who wants to make things easier for the stock professional & new entrants in the capital market industry.

Mr. Manish Sharma holds more than a decade of experience in F&O Market and has been a main panellist in various financial programmes conducted by SEBI and regular invitee on some of the prestigious TV chat shows in CNBC, Bloomberg, ET Now, Zee Business, etc and also awarded as one of ‘Top 20 Traders in India’ by Money Control

Mr.Manish says “I have been into market for almost a decade now, and have been dealing with lakhs of traders every month. One thing I usually noticed in a trading industry, there are lot of followers rather than actual learners and that’s where the real problem begins” He added that “Perhaps, people loses money because they completely rely on two aspects: Trading Tips or their Research Analyst and second one is the Recommendation from brokers/newspaper or some other source which is completely wrong. Damn wrong…!” exclaimed. ‘Their unrealistic expectations make them most unhappy and last but not the least, they oversees that stock market a luck based game and that’s where, we try to reduce their misconception in our FREE seminars”

So whenever, the traders who joins DTA they need to first unlearn that the trading is not a luck base game, but purely and purely a statistical strategy, if a trader want to gain success in the market.

On Business Model:

Rahul says “Our business model is one of the costliest in the industry, here we don’t believe in hard-core selling but servicing our client & our potential students” He added that ‘F&O is one of niche market in the industry, around 90% of the traders in the stock market are not aware about it potential. You can either find them afraid to trade in this segment or they live in a misconception they will lose money, but the fact it is probably very different” “They need awareness and here at DTA, we try to bridge this gap”

Derivative Trading Academy has recently acquired FinTech giant ‘Options’ – A historic financial software that has been used by lakhs of traders, brokers & SME organization across India to acquire the real time market data, where they can create their own option strategies.


With product team from HongKong, Israel and Bangalore, the institute is now planning to create a largest AI-based application that can track the real time data from all the major stock exchanges, create more than 700+ option strategy, learn anytime through webinars, can create or close any brokers account through single click’

On Competition:

‘Currently, we receive more than 10k – 12K queries every month across India, to attend our FREE seminars, but unfortunately we need to hold them for our next seminar due to overwhelming response by the crowd’ says their Sr. Client Head Ms. Gunjan Sharma

She adds ‘We do find a lot of competition, as every other institute is following the same strategy these days. However, the person should be smart enough that what is better them for an Average Joe or trainers from a market profession, whose advice is widely followed across the country’

Currently, this institute is still in a start-up phase, but soon tend to revolutionize the entire Indian derivative industry with introduction of Block Chain technology in Option Learning and Aggressive Marketing strategies.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)

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