‘Alabama’s education senator’: State legislature honors Richard Shelby

Montgomery, April 15, 2019: The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday unanimously passed SJR 29, a resolution authored by State Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) and cosponsored by every member of the Senate honoring the historic accomplishments of Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL), especially relating to his impact on higher education and research in the Yellowhammer State according to reports published in yellowhammernews.com

Hailing Shelby as “Alabama’s education senator,” the resolution honored him becoming the state’s longest-serving senator in history.

The resolution proclaims that Shelby’s “deep commitment and unstinting support to advance science and technology education and medical research has benefited Auburn University, the University of Alabama, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of South Alabama, and other institutions throughout our state.”

The resolution affirms, “That this body recognizes its former member, the Honorable Richard Shelby for his leadership in reestablishing year-round Pell Grants, one of the most important national education reforms in the past quarter-century, and gratefully thanks him for his service as ‘Alabama’s education senator.’”

Additionally, the resolution concluded, “[T]he Alabama Legislature invites Senator Richard Shelby to return to Montgomery, so that he may be personally and formally thanked in person for this important contribution to our state and nation.”

The resolution was passed by the Senate last week.

University of Alabama System Chancellor Finis St. John previously told Yellowhammer News, “Senator Richard Shelby is a great Alabamian. His support for education, scientific research, health care and economic development has changed Alabama’s image and influence around the world and improved countless lives.”

Dr. Steven Leath, president of Auburn University, called Shelby “a champion of science, technology and research that improves quality of life, creates jobs in the state of Alabama and puts our country in a stronger economic position.”

Auburn Trustee Charles McCrary added, “Senator Shelby is a long-time supporter of higher education, and that’s why Auburn and the state’s other public universities are some of the best in the nation.”

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